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What People Say
"Mack Benauro was wonderful! This really works and I encourage anyone who wants to quit smoking to try the cold laser. It killed my urge to smoke and helped with relaxing." - E.A., Houston, TX

" I'm so excited to be able to call myself a non-smoker finally!! The therapy was completely painless; as a matter of fact, it was so relaxing, I slept through it. I couldn't be more thankful to have come across Anne Penman Laser Therapy, and would recommend it to anyone looking to put cigarettes down for good finally. Life saver!!" - D.L. ,Cabot, AR

" I've discovered this new treatment and I'm amazed how it can give me my endorphin high which makes me look and feel well despite the many chores I have to do. I feel totally relaxed and rejuvenated. My busy and confused mind turns into a mind filled with positivity. I am like a chrysalis ready to emerge as a butterfly!" - A.T., Manila, Philippines

" I was willing to try laser treatment to help me quit smoking though had reservations that it would work. Having tried the alternatives in the past that proved unsuccessful to take away the nicotine withdrawal, I am now a believer that laser treatment can work to get past the nicotine withdrawal and help to quit smoking provided that the smoker is committed to kick the habit." - S.W., Indonesia

" I have been planning to quit smoking for the past decade. But being a compulsive individual, I was unsuccessful in all my attempts. As I've said, smoking, drinking, gambling and all those habits keep me from realizing that I needed help. Thank you Mack for being the light. I never planned to go to you but probably the stars aligned at that moment. Thank you for making me remember and accept my issues and harness the positive in me to address them. 

I am a work in progress. I will try each and every day not to fall again. Thank you." - E.L. - Lipa City, Philippines

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